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  • David Pine, Invited professor at MMC

    15/12/21 Professor David Pine (New-York University, USA), invited by the Michelin Chair, will be visiting MMC laboratory for one month till January 22nd, (...)

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The 2010 International Workshop

Multi-scale Dynamics of Structured Polymeric Materials

On December 6th and 7th 2010, this international workshop has brought together more than 150 scientists from academy and industry at the “École supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles de la Ville de Paris” (ESPCI ParisTech). The workshop, which was organized by “The Materials Science Michelin Chair” as part of a scientific partnership between ESPCI ParisTech and the Michelin company, was a premiere for the world leader in tyre manufacturing.

During two days of intense work, the participants, coming from ESPCI ParisTech, Michelin, and other French and foreign universities or companies, have benefited from outstanding lectures by first-class invited speakers among the best in their field. The lectures have stimulated many comments and questions and have initiated rich discussions which have continued well after the sessions.

The workshop has been extremely successful in bringing together chemists, materials scientists, physicists and engineers, who are all interested in the understanding, development, processing, and applications of polymer nanocomposites, rubbers, filled elastomers, multi-component polymer nanostructures, and polymeric films. Combining, in a unique way, numerical approaches, theory, and advanced experimentation, the workshop has emphasized the connections which exist between the microscopic properties (macromolecular architecture, local dynamics, mesoscopic structure, glass transition) and the macroscopic behaviour (aging, mechanics at large deformation, fracture, rheology) of polymeric materials.

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The invited speakers and the slides of the lectures.
The booklet of the workshop with the program and the poster abstracts.
The slideshow


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