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  • David Pine, Invited professor at MMC

    15/12/21 Professor David Pine (New-York University, USA), invited by the Michelin Chair, will be visiting MMC laboratory for one month till January 22nd, (...)

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  • 2010 International Workshop - Program

2010 International Workshop - Program


You can download the poster announcing the workshop, as well as the flyer with all the details on the program, the workshop location, etc.

Invited lectures

New trends in polymeric, colloidal and molecular glasses
  • Kurt Binder, Johannes Gutenberg-University (Germany)
    Phase behavior of polymer-containing systems:recent advances by computer simulation
  • Juan Colmenero, Universidad del Pais Vasco (Spain)
    Chain dynamics in dynamically asymmetric polymer blends
  • Mark Ediger, University of Wisconsin (USA)
    Direct measurement of molecular mobility in actively deformed polymer glasses
  • Kenneth S. Schweizer, University of Urbana (USA)
    Predictive theories of slow relaxation, physical aging and mechanical response of glassy polymer and colloidal materials
  • Alexei Sokolov, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (USA)
    Cooperativity and heterogeneities in dynamics of glass-forming systems: new insight
From molecular dynamics to mechanical properties of polymers
  • Jean-Louis Barrat, Université Claude-Bernard (France)
    Microscopic and mesoscopic approaches to the deformation of amorphous materials
  • Tristan Baumberger, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France)
    Multi-scale, slow crack dynamics in soft polymer networks
  • Tom McLeish, University of Durham (UK)
    Bottom-up molecular rheology with full industrial complexity in branched polymers
  • Mark O. Robbins, John Hopkins University (USA)
    Strain hardening and crazing in amorphous polymers: effects of entanglements and molecular orientation
  • Dimitris Vlassopoulos, FORTH and University of Crete (Greece)
    Dynamics of soft composites: from star polymer mixtures to nanoprism-filled polymers

Polymer dynamics at interfaces

  • Didier Long, CNRS-Rhodia (France)
    How do the mechanical properties of confined polymers depend on the strength of the polymer/substrate interactions: linear and plastic behavior
  • Julian Oberdisse, Université de Montpellier (France)
    Reinforcement in nanocomposites with tunable structure: observation of chains in crowded environments
  • Kay Saalwächter, Martin-Luther-Universität (Germany)
    Confinement effects on segmental and chain dynamics in polymer melts and elastomers
  • Charles F. Zukoski, University of Urbana (USA)
    Characterization of polymer segment-particle surface interaction strength from suspension microstructure and its role in nanocomposite stability

Keynotes lectures

  • Future research in Materials Science at Michelin
  • Materials for a Sustainable Mobility


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