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The Michelin Materials Science Chair at ESPCI Paris


  • David Pine, Invited professor at MMC

    15/12/21 Professor David Pine (New-York University, USA), invited by the Michelin Chair, will be visiting MMC laboratory for one month till January 22nd, (...)

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Eduard Arzt, INM - Leibniz-Institut für Neue Materialien (Germany):
Eduard.Arzt (arobase) inm-gmbh.de
His talk :
"Bioinspired adhesive systems: from ideas to applications"
His website

Etienne Barthel, ESPCI ParisTech (France) :
etienne.barthel (arobase) espci.fr
His talk :
"Can we engineer fracture and wetting properties through interface textures?
An experimental viewpoint on elastic line pinning"

His website

Walter Federle, University of Cambridge (UK) :
wf222 (arobase) cam.ac.uk
His talk :
"Wet but not slippery: how insects climb on plant surfaces"
His website

Jian Ping Gong, Hokkaido University (Japan) :
gong (arobase) sci.hokudai.ac.jp
Her talk :
"Tough hydrogels based on sacrificial bond principle"
Her website

Jay Fineberg, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) :
jay (arobase) vms.huji.ac.il
His talk :
"How Things Slide: Rapid Dynamics at the Onset of Friction"
His website

Herbert Hui Cornell University (USA) :
CH45 (arobase) cornell.edu
His talk :
"Effect of large strains on crack tip fields in nonlinear elastic solids"
His website

Anthony Kinloch, Imperial College (UK) :
a.kinloch (arobase) imperial.ac.uk
_His talk
"The mechanics and mechanisms of fracture of nano-modified epoxy polymers"
His website

Gareth McKinley, MIT (USA) :
gareth (arobase) mit.edu
His talk:
"Quantitative Modeling of the elasto-visco-plastic flow of waxy crude oils and other soft thixotropic solids"
His website

Peter Olmsted, Georgetown University (USA) :
pdo7 (arobase) georgetown.edu
"Fracture in entangled polymers?"
His website

David Pine, New York University (USA) :
pine (arobase) nyu.edu
His talk :
"Rheology and non-equilibrium phase behavior of non-Brownian suspensions"
His website

Olivier Pouliquen, Polytech Marseille (France) :
olivier.pouliquen (arobase) polytech.univ-mrs.fr
His talk :
"From dry to immersed granular flows"
His website

Stéphane Roux, LMT Cachan (France) :
stephane.roux (arobase) lmt.ens-cachan.fr
His talk :
"Watching cracks"
His website


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